Does your child need help with:

Self-esteem and confidence

Concentration and memory

Handwriting, Spelling, Reading or Mathematics

Learning abilities



Sporting abilities



Life Skills

If so, we have a programme to support you in bringing out the very best in your child. We offer workshops in small groups or one-on-one sessions at affordable rates.


We offer one-on-one sessions for children and teens who are unable to attend the workshops as well as for children who require further support with learning barriers. The content of the sessions is entirely dependent on the individual needs of the child.

The Self-esteem and Life Skills sessions follow much the same program as the workshops but are delivered in a personal one-on-one format.

Each child is given the same material as the children that attend the workshops (i.e. a gift pack including a growth journal) and will have some work to prepare at home. The program is run as 10 separate 1 hour sessions which can be set up at a time that suits the child and parent and allows the child to delve deeper into areas that require more attention.