Does your child need help with:

Self-esteem and confidence

Concentration and memory

Handwriting, Spelling, Reading or Mathematics

Learning abilities



Sporting abilities



Life Skills

If so, we have a programme to support you in bringing out the very best in your child. We offer workshops in small groups or one-on-one sessions at affordable rates.


"Each child has taken responsibility for their actions and has taken the decision to create a successful future based on wise decisions. The shift in these children has been incredible." - Primary School Principal

"This feeling is so special. I feel like I am one of the greatest kids in the world! I have never felt so special before. I want to make the most of my life and be successful." - Starchild 12 years old

"Thank you for your wonderful work. You have truly had a great impact on the children's lives!" Primary School Teacher

"Thank you for working with both of my children. They are teaching me so much about what they have learnt. I think we need to do a Staradult workshop so that we can keep up with our kids now!" Parent (Children 9 and 11 years old)

"Neuro integration and Brain Gym is the answer we have been looking for. I have really seen a big difference in my child's school work. Thank you for your help." Parent (Child 12 years old)

"Thank you Tracy for your Positive Thinking talk held for the Intersen Phase last week. The children loved hearing what you had to say and your passion is inspiring!" -  Intersen Phase Head of Department

"The work you are doing is much needed. Thank you for the difference you are making in our chidren's lives." - Mom (Children - 8 years and 13 years)

"I have noticed a marked improvement in my son's handwriting, spelling and cricket abilities since his Brain Gym® balance. He is thrilled (and so is his dad!)" - Mom (14 year old boy)