Does your child need help with:

Self-esteem and confidence

Concentration and memory

Handwriting, Spelling, Reading or Mathematics

Learning abilities



Sporting abilities



Life Skills

If so, we have a programme to support you in bringing out the very best in your child. We offer workshops in small groups or one-on-one sessions at affordable rates.




The Starchild Workshops are run in small groups over one and a half days in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Music, movement, games and role playing make up an important part of this workshop to encourage emotional buy-in from the children involved.

Children are most perceptive to learning new skills when they are having fun so a lot of emphasis is placed on playing. By providing an environment where the children feel the lessons on an emotional level, we entrench the new skills into their lives so that the lessons become a part of who the children are. We playfully educate in a safe, loving, accepting environment.

Some issues that are covered:

  • How to discover and identify your feelings
  • How to cope with negative feelings such as fear; disappointment; frustration; anger etc.
  • How to change inapropriate behaviour
  • How take responsibility and stop blaming
  • How to develop your own inner resources
  • How to love "you" for being you
  • How to cope with difficulties such as bullying, divorce etc.
  • How you can become a STAR in every way!
  • How to create a future that excites you!

Each child receives a Starchild gift pack including a Growth Journal to use during the workshop, and tasks to complete at home. On-going referral to the Growth Journal will support your child to grow and be fully functional in their world.



The Starteen Workshops are run in small groups over two days. This particular workshop has been created in such a way that it encourages teens to feel comfortable and at ease. Optimal learning in teens occurs when they feel accepted and understood and are given a safe place to express themselves without judgement.

A major element of the Starteen Workshop's success is the way the teens assist and advise one another, building positive relationships and support structures within their workshop group. Often the workshop group decides to continue getting together each week after the workshop to offer on-going support to one another.

Some topics that are covered:

  • The power of a positive attitude
  • Respect for yourself and others 
  • What it means and how it feels to be a teen
  • How to build positive relationships
  • What is love really about
  • A healthy mind, a healthy body 
  • Creating an exciting future
  • Drugs, smoking, drinking etc
  • Taking responsibility for your life and future



Being a parent is one of the hardest but also one of the most rewarding jobs that we are ever entrusted with! There's only one problem - Where's the manual? Sometimes, as parents, we need a little nudge in the right direction or suggestions for an alternative approach. The Starparent Workshop does just that. This workshop is a very powerful tool to build solid, strong relationships between children and their parents and has been designed to:

  • Assist parents in identifying areas where they feel insecure or inadequate in their own lives 
  • Give parents tools to build their own self-esteem
  • Give parents tools to enable them to support their children in establishing high self-esteem by parenting in a positive manner



Life Talk is a forum set up by Cape Town based author and doctor Izabella Little-Gates. Starchild has teamed up with Life Talk and now offers their full range workshops and programs for teens in schools, church groups and communities. Life Talk is a program established to encourage teens to make wise life-choices and decisions by offering advice and support in the form of an on-line support group , talks, workshops, books and newsletters. All Life Talk books can be ordered directly from Starchild.






Starchild develops tailor-made programs and workshops for schools and groups if required. Some examples of specialised workshops are: Self-Discipline; Bullying; Social Media and Power of a Positive Attitude.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in a tailor-made program.